The new airport started operation in January 2003 and is one of the most convenient and welcoming airports in the continent. The facilities are designed to speed up your departure and arrival.

Terminal II of the new N'djamena International Airport is dedicated to render service for international flights while Terminal I services all domestic flights. Terminal I located at the old airport building is currently under major renovation and temporarily all domestic flights are being handled at Terminal II.

  • Airport code: ICAO: FTTJ, IATA: NDJ
  • Run ways
    1. Run way length
      • Old Run Way: 3.7 Km
      • New Run Way: 3.8 KM
    2. Run way angel and direction
      • West: (OLD) 07L, (NEW) 25 R
      • East: (OLD) 07 R, (NEW) 25 L
  • Passenger counters
    • Domestic Passengers Terminal: 14 Counters
    • International Passengers Terminal 28 Counters
  • Total Passenger carrying capacity of Passenger Terminals:
    • 52,800 Passengers Per day
    • 19, 219,200 Per year
  • Departure gates
    • International Passengers Terminal: 7
    • Domestic Passengers Terminal: 4
  • Services at the Airport:
    • There are different Restaurants, coffee, Flower, gift, Sovenier, duty free shops and Banking, Telephone, Cab and interntet services available at the airport.

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