About Us

Tchadia Airlines SA is a government-owned company of the Republic of Chad, established in 2018 out of a joint partnership between the Government of Chad and Ethiopian Airlines Group with 51% and 49% shares holding respectively. The subscribed/paid up capital of the Airline is 15 Million USD. 

The Airline is owned by the Chad Government while the Management is given to Ethiopian Airlines under a Management Services Contract for 10 years.     Ethiopian Airlines will also serve as a techncial and strategic Partner in the operations of the Arline during the period.


Our Vision is to make Tchadia Airlines a world-class and profitable African Airline serving both for Passenger and Cargo operations in the Region, Contient and around the Globe ; to make Ndjamena an aviation Hub in the Central Africa Region and beyond »

We also envision to make the Ndjamena airport a hub for aircraft maintenance, ground handling, aviation training and development in the coming 10 years.


  • Our mission is to make Tchadia to be one of the best and profitable airlines in Africa
  • We are committed to providing a customer-driven service in our passenger and cargo network services.
  • We are committed to connecting all major cities and towns of Chad in our domestic networks and providing an air transportation service to the general public at an affordable price and also connecting Chad with neighbouring and regional countries.
  • By providing connectivity and mobility to the traveling public, we are committed to promoting the air transport industry in Chad and the CEMAC region.
  • We aim to make our Tchadia a Centre of Excellence for the benefit of all our stakeholders, partners and the customers we serve and the staff we employ.
  • Tchadia will be an equal-opportunity employer of choice in Chad and the Region.


  • Integrity: we earn our customers trust and respect every day.
  • Team Work : Our actions will make our team members better
  • Accountability: We inculcate a culture of accountablity for actions and deeds.
  • Candor: We encourange people to be open and direct.
  • Humility: We act humbly and to make each customer feel great.
  • Respect: We treat everyone with respect and fairness.
  • Sympathy: we celebrate passion and action
  • Efficiency: we deliver our role in an efficient and less-costly way.
  • Effectivenes: we discharge our duties in an effective manner.
  • Transparency: we will create an environment where evevy people are authentic.
  • Professionalism: We condone the spirit of professionalism in all areas we operate. 

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